Bob Smith Toyota Service Specials

Are you trying to save a little money when it comes to servicing your car in La Crescenta? Take a look at these great car service and maintenance coupons. Keep your car and wallet happy at the same time! Just print one off and bring it in today!

Free Alignment Quick Check

The Quickest Way to Check Tire Wear Angles

Complimentary and performed on every service!

  • Camber on all wheels
  • Tire wear indication
  • Total toe, front & back
  • Detailed Printout


K.I.D.S. Rewards Program

Purchase any new or pre-owned vehicle from Bob Smith Toyota and we will donate $200 in your name to the school of your choice!

Multi-Point Inspection

Complimentary and performed on every service!

  • Inspect fuel lines and connections
  • Inspect exhaust pipes and mountings
  • Inspect fuel tank cap gasket
  • Inspect brake linings/drums and brake pads/discs
  • Inspect installation of driver's floor mat
  • Inspect drive shaft boots
  • Inspect tire tread depth
  • Inspect brake line and hoses
  • Inspect cabin and engine air filters
  • Inspect ball joints and dust covers
  • Inspect radiator, condenser, and coolant
  • Inspect front differential oil
  • Inspect and adjust all fluid levels, including transmission
  • Inspect steering gear box, linkage, and boots