Nearly all drivers that visit us here at Bob Smith Toyota require some kind of financing to drive away in one of our new or used Toyota cars. Although the process can seem overwhelming at first, our Toyota dealers are here to assist you! No matter your vehicle of choice, whether it be a Toyota Tacoma or a Toyota Prius, we have excellent financing options for almost every situation. Make plans to visit our La Crescenta dealership to find the right financing option for your next vehicle purchase.



When You Should Lease

Buying and leasing are both exceptional ways to finance your next vehicle. However, the option that will be the best choice depends on your individual circumstances and preferences. Leasing a vehicle provides a shorter-term commitment when compared to buying a vehicle. Your lease term will expire at the pre-established time, which usually ranges one to three years, and you will be required to return the vehicle.


If you are someone who enjoys always riding in the latest vehicles, lease terms allow you to do so more easily. You have the ability to switch to the newest model year with the latest features every year or so. Finally, because of how leases are structured, your monthly payments will be much lower than if you were to buy a new vehicle.



When You Should Buy

While leasing has its advantages, buying a vehicle is also a smart choice. One of the most popular reasons is to build equity. Rather than paying what essentially acts as a rental fee, you’ll be paying toward a sum amount. Once it’s all paid off, the vehicle is officially yours.

Additionally, buying a vehicle means that there are no penalties for driving as many miles as you would like, or experiencing damage to a car. Leasing agreements often include a yearly mileage cap and fees for excessing wear and tear. When you own your vehicle, you are in control of how you use it.



Financing a Toyota at Bob Smith Toyota

Financing is simple when you speak with our Toyota dealers. When you need to apply for financing with Toyota financial, we make the process easy to understand. Even before you leave home, you can fill out our online credit approval form on our website. Before you know it, you’ll be able to drive away in the new Toyota model of your choice!


Whether you’re looking to lease or buy your next Toyota vehicle, make plans to speak with our La Crescenta Toyota dealers located at 3333 Foothill Blvd. We look forward to assisting you with all your vehicle buying and financing questions!