When Should You Change the Battery on Your Toyota Prius Prime?

At Bob Smith Toyota, we know there’s nothing more frustrating than your car’s battery dying without warning. But most times, these sudden problems could have been prevented through regular maintenance, which can easily get overlooked. Today, we want to share some best practices and general guidelines for making sure that your new Toyota Prius Prime will always have enough power.

There are a ton of factors that figure into how long your battery lives or dies. For example, if you take several quick trips and don’t do much long-tern driving in-between, your battery might die sooner. The alternator, the part of your car that turns power generated by your engine into an electric charge for your battery, doesn’t have a lot of time to charge your battery when it’s only in use for a short amount of time. It’s further exacerbated if you blast the air conditioning or blare the radio as well. Both of them use electricity, which drains the battery as your alternator charges it. Cars that sit for a very long time can also lose charge due to natural processes.

Heat is also a big factor in battery life. Batteries generally last longer in cooler climates, maybe upwards of five years, but in very hot environments, they may only last three years or less. The hotter it is, the faster your battery degrades and the sooner you’ll need to change the battery on your Toyota Prius Prime.

However, if you take your vehicle in for service at our La Crescenta, CA Toyota service department, we can check your battery’s charge for you as part of your normal inspection. Visit today and let our certified Toyota technicians take care of everything for you. We hope to see you soon!


When Should You Change the Battery on Your Toyota Prius Prime? - Bob Smith Toyota

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