California Clean Fuel Reward Program: Enroll Today

Have you been looking to reduce your carbon footprint and make the switch to a more efficient vehicle? If helping the planet isn’t enough of an incentive, we’ve got another one for you: the California Clean Fuel Reward Program.

This program was established with one goal in mind: to put more electric vehicles on the streets for a carbon-neutral future. Now, you can save big on one of our eligible new Toyota vehicles at Bob Smith Toyota.

What is the California Clean Fuel Reward Program?

California is encouraging drivers to make the switch to more efficient vehicles with the Clean Fuel Reward program. You can save money on your next new car by choosing a model that helps keep our beautiful state clean.

By purchasing or leasing an eligible new battery-electric (BEV) or plug-in hybrid (PHEV) vehicle, you can qualify for a reward of up to $1,500!

Which Vehicles Qualify?

In order for a vehicle to qualify for the California Clean Fuel Reward program, it must be a new vehicle* with a battery capacity of at least five kilowatt-hours. The larger the capacity, the higher your reward will be.

Naturally, with our extensive inventory of efficient Toyota vehicles, we have multiple models that qualify here at Bob Smith Toyota. You can easily find these alternative fuel vehicles on our website, where you can learn more about models like the:

How Do I Apply?

We’ll take care of that for you! Our Toyota dealership in La Crescenta, CA is a participating dealership for the California Clean Fuel Reward program, so all you need to do is purchase a qualifying vehicle from us and we will reduce the contract price of your car. All California drivers are eligible, as long as their vehicles are registered in our state.

What are you waiting for? Join our La Crescenta electric car dealers in making California a clean energy leader. Enroll today to be a vital part of the California Clean Fuel Reward program!

*Older models may apply, as long as they are purchased as a new model that hasn’t been previously registered.


California Clean Fuel Reward Program: Enroll Today - Bob Smith Toyota

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