Get Your Oil Changed at Bob Smith Toyota near Pasadena, CA

As winter begins near Los Angeles, CA, we can expect more and more rain, chillier temperatures, and some hazardous road conditions that can dangerous for Toyota cars that have not been winterized. However, that means that now is the perfect time to bring your 2023 Toyota Camry in for an oil change, courtesy of our Toyota service department.

As common and unavoidable as oil changes are, they’re also very easy to neglect. However, it’s a very bad habit to develop. When your Toyota Camry runs without clean oil, you’re making it run harder and increasing wear and tear on vital engine components. The sludgy oil that needs to be changed is collecting impurities and metal shavings, all of which heat your engine up faster than normal. Dirty oil also robs your engine of performance and damages your fuel efficiency, as the car must work harder to get to the same level of acceleration you require.

Besides restoring performance and efficiency to your Toyota Camry, an oil change is also a good chance for our certified Toyota technicians to check other things that need replacing, from oil and air filters to transmission fluid and brakes. If any of that is required, we’ll be sure to let you know. When we do repair those parts, you’re also always getting original equipment manufacturer parts, which means that they’ve been made specifically for your Toyota, so you don’t have to worry about fit or quality.

Head in to our La Crescenta, CA Toyota dealership today for your service appointment! We’ll be sure to give your Toyota Camry the care it deserves to help it through the winter. We hope to work with you very soon!


Get Your Oil Changed at Bob Smith Toyota near Pasadena, CA - Bob Smith Toyota

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